The URO104 clear formula is ideal for rods (cane) for torch working or fusing. It is typically stocked in 6mm diameter and lightweight, easy to handle 10” (25 cm) lengths. The consistent viscosity curve really works to advantage in torch work, when a smooth transition from stiff to soft improves control. It works stiffer than other 104 soft glasses, but is softer than 90 or boro glass, so it’s a happy medium for most artists. It rarely pops, even during rapid heatups, and perhaps the most importantly URO104 resists scumming so the wasteful stripping process can be eliminated.

This is what torch artist Kalera Stratton wrote about our URO104 rods:


"The glass melts very nicely with a buttery consistency and is really resistant to boiling and scorching. I work very fast and very hot most of the time, and the main problem I have with most 104 clears is boiling/scumming. This stuff lets me get very close to the torch without boiling, and I had no problems with it when I spot-encased heavily reduced Kronos, which is always a PITA."


Clear 6mm Rods

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