Uroboros' Iridized Sheet Glass and Iridized Frit is fully fusible and adds rich, reflective, color highlights and complexity to glass work. Rainbow irid is available on a wide range of glass styles, including many textures, and is renowned for its depth and saturation of color. Gold and Silver irid colors are available on clear or black smooth sheets and are great when specific or contrasting color designs are needed. Read More  Looking for a complete sample set or kit.


What's the stripe?  The images of our fusible colors below are of 6" x 6" (15 x 15cm) fused tiles. For most transparent colors, the area left of the diagonal stripe is fused over clear (lighter color), while the area to the right is fused over white opal (darker color).


Precut Circle, Rainbow Ir

50-00-90 IR

Clear Rainbow Irid

60-00-90 GIR

Clear Gold Iridescent

60-00-90 IR

Clear Rainbow Iridescent

60-00-90 SIR

Clear Silver Iridescent

60-56-90 GIR

Black Gold Iridescent

60-56-90 IR

Black Rainbow Iridescent

60-56-90 SIR

Black Silver Iridescent

61-00-90 IR

Thin Clear Rainbow Irid


Clear Rainbow Iridescent

65-00-90 IR

Clear Rainbow Irid

70-56-90 IR

Black Rainbow Irid


Clear Rainbow Iridescent, Medium


Clear Rainbow Irid Coarse


Clear Rainbow Irid, Mosaic


Black Rainbow Iridescent, Medium


Frit, Coarse, Rainbow Iridescent


Black Rainbow Irid, Mosaic

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