Uroboros Double Rolled Sheet Glass styles are preferred by professional and emerging artists alike. Easy to cut, made in the customer preferred size of 24” x 30”, and tested and inspected to tight tolerance standards, Uroboros' is an industry leader for consistency and quality in the '90' COE category.  Looking for a complete sample set or kit.


What's the stripe?  The images of our fusible colors below are of 6" x 6" (15 x 15cm) fused tiles. For most transparent colors, the area left of the diagonal stripe is fused over clear (lighter color), while the area to the right is fused over white opal (darker color).


Thin Clear

61-00-90 IR

Thin Clear Rainbow Irid


Thin Black - 90 COE


Thin Grenadine Red Transparent - 90 COE


Thin Tangerine Transparent - 90 COE


Thin Emerald Green Transparent - 90 COE


Thin Lime Transparent - 90 COE


Thin Golden Amber Transparent

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