Mark Abildgaard

I have been teaching classes in kiln casting glass at many different studios and schools including Pilchuck, The Corning Museum of Glass, Red Deer College in Alberta Canada as well as many other private studios around the country.   I offer a class in basic kiln casting where students learn to create simple open face molds from a clay original.  Students in this class learn how to directly sculpt images in clay that can be cast in glass using a simple 50/50 plaster silica mold.  Recently I have started teaching a class using a lost wax casting technique that involves using clay as a one-time mold for creating waxes.   In this class students learn how to press found objects into clay to produce unique forms and textures which can be translated into cast glass.  The molds for this process are built up from several layers of a mold mix containing plaster and silica as well as fiber glass and pearlite.  Both of these classes are open to beginning and advanced students.   My teaching philosophy is to involve students directly by using a hands on approach to each step in the process.  My goal for each class is to give students a solid understanding of what is required to set up their own studio to successfully cast glass on their own.

If you are interested in taking a class from me please check my teaching schedule posted below and contact the appropriate facility.  I will keep up dating this list as new classes are added.  If you have a studio where you would like to host a workshop please contact me directly.


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