Dieter Geike

Sometime in 1990, I visited an exposition of Tiffany lamps in Hamburg and this was a kind of 'revelation' to me. I found myself entering a sea of fantastic colours and forms that impressed me deeply and left me speechless!  These impressions of incredibly colourful and brilliant glass took hold of my imagination for good. And, although I am a musician by profession, I started to build lamps like these in my spare time. I learned how to work this delicious glass into designs of my own invention.

In about 2005, I needed another break from my music, which then spread over seven years. With the remaining bits of glass from my Tiffany time, I began the search for a method to create lamps in my own way and overcome the major limitations of the Tiffany technique. I found the solution in today's modern glass-mosaic technique, allowing me every artistic freedom.

The sounds and moods of guitar music have been a strong influence and companion throughout my life. To now be able to express myself in visual forms as well is very fulfilling and rewarding me with emotional balance.


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