Randy Maultasch


"I use Uroboros glass extensively in my glass art as it has the finest combinations of colors, degree of transparency and texture that is available today....it doesn't get any better than Uroboros for me!


I first fell in love with glass while in college working in an antiques district on Long Island, New York, where I grew up. I remember the owner showing me French cameo vases and lamps by Galle and Daum and being overwhelmed by their beauty, color and detail. From that initial exposure, I became interested in Tiffany and Lafarge, and soon after, the glass art that was being made by artists: Quagliata, Marioni, Posner, Bunnell, and the Bonny Doon Studio. I created my first few panels while pursuing my career as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney.

About four years ago, a Columbian glass artist by the name of Freddy Patarroyo Garzon approached me and asked if I would start a glass studio with him. I reflected and thought, if not now, when? Freddy and I began our journey, creating Maultasch Glass, producing panels without using paint or enamel. While adopting the purist approach of Tiffany and Lafarge in "painting" with glass, we have expanded that style to faces and bodies, an area where they and most glass artists today use paint for detail."


-Randy Maultasch


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