Raphael Schnepf

Raphael Schnepf has had a long and successful career as a master painter, illustrator, and glass artist.  Coming from a fine arts background, he has brought master level painting and design skills to his glass art work. He recently has been using glass painting techniques on fused glass to create his unique, approachable, designs. A popular instructor, he teaches airbrush painting, glass painting, and lettering, at the collegiate level or privately at his Milwaukie, Oregon studio.

"I have been finding some great ways to use Uroboros System 96 streaky as an element in my Tropical portraits, which are all made from transparent glass to be viewed by transmitted light. The 60-6120-96 Grenadine Red/Clear and 60-2440-96 Cobalt Blue/Clear have worked very well for fabric and flower streaks. I also use quite a bit of F7 Mosaic size frit for visual texture."

- Raphael Schnepf



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