Robert Oddy

Starting as a part time stained glass artist in 1983, in 1997 Bob Oddy resigned a professorship at Syracuse University to pursue his glass art. He has developed a distinctive range of styles and techniques, and is a sought after instructor for his ability to express representational imagery in glass.


"I make extensive use of Uroboros glass in my work. The colors are rich and satisfying, particularly for my floral designs. The color combinations and textures within a single sheet allow me to create impressions of natural variations in blossoms and foliage. I frequently use Fracture/Streamer and Collage glasses, and also use Drapery glass, both for flower blossoms and for dressing human figures (sometimes with bosoms!)

On a technical level, Uroboros glass is very good to work with - it cuts easily, whether I am making long cuts across a sheet or cutting off thin slivers. Even drapery glass is not that difficult to cut! In summary, Uroboros glass is both well engineered and lends itself to artistic applications."


- Robert Oddy, 2011


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