Milon Townsend

A self-taught artist with over 30 years of experience in glass, Milon Townsend has influenced generations of students with his creative torch working and kiln casting techniques, as well as advancing good business practices for artists. Tireless educator who has published many books, DVDs, and has three ongoing columns on arts related topics. Is frequently featured at educational workshops at noted facilities around the country.


"I have found Uroboros billets and frit to be very nice to work with. The Water Clear is colorless, even in thick castings, and the glass virtually never devitrifies. The lower melting temperature that I use (1400F) gives excellent results, and creates less breakdown of the mold material, leading to a better surface finish in the final piece, and allowing for much less hand work and cold working. Uroboros' System 96 frit, rod, sheet are billet are compatible with most hot shop furnace melted glass, and this allows me great freedom to combine flameworked and cast pieces with hot shop blown pieces. The possibilities are endless. The people have been consistently friendly and very helpful, willing to go out of their way to assist me in solving problems and moving the process and the products forward. Last, but certainly not least is that Uroboros 96 glass for casting and kilnwork is significantly less expensive than other glass produced for this purpose - the difference often in the range of 40% less! That really matters, especially these days."

-Milon Townsend


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