Michael Dupille

When not suspended over a large scale work in process, Seattle artist Michael Dupille is a prolific creator, educator and inventor. Since working with Boyce Lundstrom at Camp Colton, Oregon in the early days of the studio glass movement, followed by several decades of exploring expression in glass, he pioneered the unique kiln fired frit painting technique he calls ’fritography’.


"Uroboros' System 96 glass fills my needs as a kiln formed glass artist. I enjoy the viscosity and responsiveness of the material. Its ease of cutting is a huge factor for me, and I really like their frit sizes - which help in creating smoother color blends. And, much of my work is fired multiple times and I never have any issues of color breakdown or devitrification. Quality starts at the top, and owner Eric Lovell and his dedicated, friendly staff always answer the call for me."

-Michael Dupille



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