March 24, 2014

Environmental Update

As the topic of air quality and metal emission continues to swirl around the media, the intense scrutiny of our operations continues.  Although, there are still no air or soil tests conclusively linking us to any detectable emissions of heavy metals, we are still under enforced total suspension of production of all colors containing cadmium or chromium. We finally have a written agreement with DEQ defining the conditions for continued operations, basically requiring the installation of new emission controls on our furnaces.  

Our main focus right now is on specifying, pricing out, and determining the shortest possible lead time for state of the art furnace emission control equipment. We have more work to do to determine how and when we can get back in full production. Meanwhile, we’ll be focusing our production on things we are currently allowed to make, including two exciting new System 96 colors that will make their debut in the near future.


Eric Lovell