Using New System 96 Products

This plate reflects the use of several of our new System 96 products launched this month.

The NEW Peacock Green Noodles (N-2234-96) used with Red Reactive Noodles around the center panel.  You can see the reaction where the Peacock Green Noodle touches the Red Reactive Opal Noodle (N-045-96) and changes it to a light gray.

Vanilla Cream Opal Frit is also featured.  As mentioned in the newsletter, it lightens slightly around the outside edges, while being a slightly darker tone toward the center of the frit granule.  This two-tone effect adds interesting depth and tonal variation in the finished work.  In addition to that, it’s also reactive and forms a thin colored line with a gray hue when in contact with a glass containing copper.  You will get a reaction when the Vanilla Cream Opal Frit (F1 to F7-2103-96) is fired next to the Peacock Green Opal sheet glass, noodle, stringer or rod.

Vanilla Cream Opal Reaction