Who We Are

Our Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility is located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States. Founded in 1973 by glass artist Eric Lovell, now some 50 men and women at Uroboros Glass push the limits of technology and traditional handmade craftsmanship to bring you the most unique and creative glass styles to be found anywhere.

We make Art Glass in more than 150 sophisticated color combinations available in over a dozen styles and textures. We also make a wide range of colored fusible glass products in several tightly controlled expansion points - including System 96®, FX90, many Artista colors, and 104 (compatible to Effetre). For more information about our fusible glass and fuse testing program, read more in any fusible products section in this website.

Even as our process must use lots of energy, we pride ourselves in being environmentally conscious. We minimize waste, reuse and recycle energy, water, and materials in many ways, and choose environment-friendly packaging whenever possible. For our efforts, we are certified as a 'Green Business' by the City of Portland. Uroboros also strives to make the workplace as safe as possible for our greatest asset, our employees.

Should you find yourself in Uroboros country, please stop by and say hello! For details on planning a factory tour, see the FAQ section of this website.

What is a Uroboros?

The 'Uroboros' is an alchemist's term often represented by a dragon or serpent devouring its own tail. The ancient symbol represents an endless cycle of renewal or life everlasting. Our name honors the traditions and lore of medieval alchemists as they struggled to turn non-precious lead into precious gold. Today, we use non-precious sand to make some of the most precious hand-cast art glass available in the world.

We Believe in Green!

We at Uroboros strive to minimize the environmental impact of our glass production activities. In fact, we were qualified as a 'Green Company' by the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability for 2011, and earned Portland's Sustainability at Work Silver Certification for 2012.  Below are some highlights of what we've accomplished.

  • Decreased energy consumption by some 20% with waste heat recovery measures and improved insulation design on our glass furnaces, and through ongoing conversion to more energy efficient motors, plant lighting, copiers and etc.
  • By careful segregating and sorting of all our glass waste materials we have enabled 100% recycling of these by-products into useful products made by ourselves or others.
  • Decreased garbage volume by one-third, while increasing recyclables volume by two-fold.
  • Decreased process water consumption by utilizing water recycling and cooling equipment.
  • Developed a process for internal glassification of all hazardous waste materials resulting in zero hazmat disposal needs.
  • Converted scores of packaging materials and consumable items into recyclable or biodegradable materials. Examples are starch based 'Taterware' packing peanuts, lunchroom cups and utensils, paper packing sheets, unbleached cardboard packing boxes, and recycled office paper.
You can read more about this at Portland's Sustainability at Work website.