Orchid Opal

Orchid Opal is a new color as fresh as the fields of flowers it’s reminiscent of. It evokes a calming tint of lavender.

Available in sheet glass. 60-0155-96
All frit sizes from Powder to Mosaic.
F1 thru F7-0155-96

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Urobium Pink Opal

Urobium Pink Opal is a sweet subtle shade that brings to mind the warmth of a sunrise and the softness of spring blossoms.
Available in sheet glass. 60-0150-96
Frit sizes from Powder to Mosaic,
F1 thru F7-0150-96

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Rust Transparent

A new bold red-orange hue. From gritty industrial rust to the bright wings of a Monarch butterfly, there is much inspiration to be found in both the man-made and natural worlds.
Available in frit sizes from Powder to Mosaic
F1 through F7 5711-96

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Studio Safety

While many glass studio activities and materials bear risks, common sense and basic safety equipment will keep you safe. The primary risks with glass, other than cuts, are handling dusts from powder and food contact safety

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